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Looking For Roommate

Hotel: LAX Marriott
Dates: Thurs. January 3 to Sun. January 6
Rate: about $103 for the whole weekend

So, we're currently looking for one more roommate for our room at ALA. It's poolside, which nice, right next to all the action. Girls only, as we only have one space on a shared bed available right now. Just e-mail or pm me, and we can discuss everything.


Be courteous - Don't be rude to other people in the room, no fights, keep any drama to yourself, and god, don't steal anything.

This isn't a party room - Don't treat it like one. Please don't invite anyone over unless we know about it. We'd rather not have strange people we don't know around our stuff.

Have fun - I know some of these rules sound like sticklery things, but, really, we just want people to be able to have a good time at ALA.

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