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Originally Posted by singleperfectio View Post
Hello! my brother wants to cosplay as Roy Mustang for an upcoming con and asked me to make his costume. I'm confused as to if this Roy Mustang outfit is a long jacket that is belted or a cropped jacket with a skirt thing or what. What is going on?! I got the pants and boots figured out, but everything else has me stumped
as someone who has cosplayed as roy mutiple times. the jacket is like a normal leather jacket but buttoned up different. the part that makes it look like a long jacket is something you hook into your belt and wrap around your waist.

a little tip is that make sure that the part that i told you that makes it look like a long jacket is tight and does not sag or it will drag and your bother might trip over it . a safty pin on the front and back should keep it up.
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