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My first cosplay was Lenalee Lee from d.Gray-Man. My horror's were a bit differen't from the rest because I bought my costume, but it was pretty far away from decent!

So I bought the costume from ebay and when I got it I found that I couldn't zip my skirt up because it was WAY too small, and my mom and I figured out that she measured my hips wrong- whoops. So she did this weird sewing that and added more fabric to make it bigger(but it wasn't the right fabric, so it didn't match). I also didn't get the wig until a week before the con, we went around to local wig shops and they didn't have any so I ordered the ugliest, thinest, colored wig ever.

The wig was a mossy green. Defiantly not her color(I wanted purple, but my friends kept telling me her hair was green, so I gave in an ordered green. Never again.) It didn't have bangs, and I didn't think to cut or style it. So I just pushed the long fringe to the side. My hair was WAYYYY too long to be attempting to put it into a short wig, so there was this HUGE lump in the back of the wig, created by my hair. Embarrassing. I didn't wear make up, either.

I'm so glad I've improved from that mess!
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