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Originally Posted by Ophexis View Post
I'm doing something similar as the green-ish long tunic. It's probably made of wool, but I was wondering what kind of fabrics would give a similar, medieval-ish effect while being less expensive.
If you would be headed to Joann's, I know they have a "Linen Look" line of fabric that has some nice earthy tones and cool textures. (On my profile, I have a few WIP shots of my Link costume, and that's what I used for the tunic). It's maybe $3 a yard, so it's cheap, but it's also really light. If you go with something heavier for the undershirt, you can still stay warm!

Originally Posted by someonewhodied View Post
So I'm making a cosplay of Aile from Megaman ZX
What fabric should I use for the jacket? And what for the shorts?
I'm not so sure about the jacket, but those look like khaki shorts. A cotton/twill blend, perhaps?

I would like some suggestions too, if anyone can help!

I'd love some help trying to figure out what I should use for the dress itself, as well as the dark green trims.

Joann's has their fancy fabric collection discounted this weekend, so I was thinking of grabbing some of that, but I'm not sure which type is best suited for this. I'm imagining it has a slight sheen, so my first inclination was taffeta, but that could also be a giant disaster. Would satin, or maybe chiffon (I haven't worked with the latter before) be a better choice? As for the trims-- bias tape, or ribbon?

Thanks in advance!
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