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Hello everyone,
this thread seems quite inactive but since it is made for Nitro+Chiral series cosplays I thought I should post my questions here ^^

I'm planning to do a Konoe cosplay and I'd need some advice on his cape and his apron (although i'm open for any kind of advice on this costume XD).
I'm not sure how to do the ornaments/clips (i dunno what they're called ^^') on his cape, I thought about polymer clay, but that might be too heavy...

Second thing would be the pattern on the apron, that he's wearing around his waist. Is it better to simply draw it on, or sew it on somehow, or are there even some patterns on the internet to print it on?

It'd be very nice if some other Konoe cosplayers, or non-Konoe cosplayers, could help me with these points ^-^

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