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Originally Posted by ShimmerJester View Post
Hi Guys,

Medusa was a great success! Thank you guys for all your advice!!

Just have another question, planning on doing May from Guilty gears, I would like the fabric to be somewhat waterproof like pvc without the shine and without the neon orange looking for that more earthy orange. I basically want to do a photoshoot around water, so would cotton handle it. Any suggestions??

Here is a piccy:
Hmmm.... oil cloth is an old fashioned thing you can still sometimes find in upholstery departments. It would suit your qualifications, but: it tends to only come in picnic table cloth patterns, it's stiff, it would be really hot to wear.

Maybe a spray on Scotch Guard instead? It's designed for keeping your couch clean, you treat the fabric & it becomes water resistant. It won't last through laundering, but you may not need it to.
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