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@Anime: I think the leaves on the torso should be relocated to the neck, like a fabric necklace type thing.
I think it's the top. The leaves, in my opinion, don't look right. I like the touch of the skirt though. ^_^
Hmm, have you considered a leaf-like shawl type thing or capelet? I don't think the line of leaves looks right because Leafeon only has a few leaves placed sparingly around it's body. You could also maybe add some bracelet type things to represent the leaf things on the legs.

Is there a certain type of style you'd like to go for?
No, I don't really think I've a particular style. I just try to make my designs unique and original. For now I think I'm going to drop Leafeon until I can think of a new design for it. But, the ideas/suggestions were immensely helpful, though.

In the meantime, I think I'll work on a gijinka!Starly design. I have the perfect picture in my head for one.

Oh, I redesigned my Growlithe, if anyone cares to see.

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