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GoT 2013

So I was wondering if anybody wanted to hang out and do a photoshoot or two? I'm just starting to watch the series again so I'm still a bit of a.... newbie to this until it refreshes my memory.

Also this will be my second Dragon*con ever, but my first since 2009. I had only been 14 then so I'm not sure where anything is and all that as we stuck with some older cosplayers who 'baby sat us' while our parents did other things. So I'm not sure what's around the area and such for photoshoot/meetup places.

People- Characters:
  • Kibalover100(me)- Daenerys Targaryen

Photoshoot Places:
  • Idk
  • Idk
  • Idk

Meetup Places:
  • Idk
  • Idk
  • Idk
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