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Originally Posted by Tigress View Post
Ugh. I feel you on the being able to find stuff. When I was making my Sarah cosplay, I wanted to buy a pair of plain modest white heels. I had to go to no less than FOUR different stores to find a pair white heels that weren't 1) ankle-breakingly high; 2) covered in stupid decorations or 3) making my wallet cry. I finally found a pair at a local overstock store for $20.

The whole time, I was going: WTF? It's SPRING! White heels are in season!

And this Christmas, I bought another pair of plain white heels at Payless while looking for something else. Just because they were there and I knew I wouldn't find them again when I wore out my current ones. *sulk*
Joke's on you. Broken ankles are always in season.

Seriously, though, it's always so hard to find basic stuff. I was recently looking for some black shin-height boots with a low heel, and everything everywhere was coated in zippers and studs and accent pieces. In the end I just went with the ankle breakers.

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