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Originally Posted by Evil Bishounen View Post
Unfortunately, the barriers to entry are probably really high for someone who's only 14. I checked the policies for both of my local community colleges on allowing minors:
- The first pretty much bans minors unless it's specifically for "youth" classes (like Youth Orchestra). The child can get an exception and take adult classes if they have written permission from their parents, their school, AND the school district.
- The second only allows those who are sophomore, junior, or senior in high school. They require permission from the child's parents and their high school, and there's a definite bias in favor of purely academic courses.

This is why I didn't suggest it, even though I usually do when people ask this kind of question. =/ Sure, it's theoretically possible, but (1) it depends on how OP's parents feel about the sewing/costuming thing, and (2) it would be harder to convince a school and/or district board about the academic merits of taking a sewing class for personal hobby purposes. Of course, maybe OP's local community colleges are less strict than mine.
Having had been through the process to take a college level French course while in HS (and 14 too!), I can say that if you have an all right GPA, (>2.5 or so) you can get all of these things pretty easily. They're essentially pieces of paper signed by a secretary or an official - and AFAIK in my district, you don't have to present your case in front of a panel. I've known people who ended up taking things like graphic design and art courses at the community college as well. However, I will warn you it will take a while, so start early in March or April next year if you want to enroll in a summer course. I think policies do vary from district to district, but the paperwork shouldn't deter you from going into a course. Ask around and you might find good answers.

That being said, YMCA and other community centers probably offer better choices around a school/work schedule, since they are geared more to people who want to learn 'for fun' with some people looking to gain skills.
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