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[quote=AmayaSoma;4564357]Would love some help on how to make a tale for the image below. It seems the tale is kind of dragon like and I was hoping I could get the tale to move..something like but not sure how I would go about make that nor how to cover it up after the skeleton is made.

Plus if you have advice on the horns and claws, that would help as well. I have an idea of what I want to do...but I would love advice.QUOTE]

Try this. And this. Hope it helps. PS: the pic didn't show but the link did.

Originally Posted by ChocoboxDreamer View Post
Would anyone be able to help with this character?

Her name is Tiida and she is from a video game called Shining Force Feather.

I would like suggestions on what fabric to use for the scarf, sleeves for the arm, the lace-up vest and also how to make (or alter) the pants...
For the scarf, I'd use a super lightweight polyester, cut it to the rough size and shape and then melt the edges with a lighter. The gloves should be a medium weight with a little give. Nothing lightweight or only slightly lightweight; if it is too lightweight it will be a biddity to work with. They are basically a fingerless glove that is loose around the arms. The only pattern I have for gloves are from a bridal accessory set. There are several vest patterns with either mcall's or simplicity. It will take some digging and they will need to be modified. Here is an example. Try looking in the quick sew and easy to sew sections. A shrug can also be modified. For the pants, it might be easier to buy and modify a part of hipsters. If you go the sew option I'd suggest a demin/spandex mix. But first I'd look at my local goodwill or Salvation Army. The pattern can be painted on while someone is wearing them.
PS: CapsuleCorp is good at making gravity defying clothes like your scarf.
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