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Daedric Lord Bryon
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Name: Bryon, Livebyhonor, Daedric lord, any will work
Male, 36 I think (never really cared how old I actually was since I dont act my age)
Location: NEPA, north eastern pennsylvania
Looking for friends and female friends with common interests

Likes: (I'm sort of all over the board as an artist)
Anime, manga, games, furry, goth, cosplay, cyberpunk/goth, things of beauty or functionality like a good sword or blade (something about gracefull or power inspiring weapons to fit ones personality). and arts and crafts. Anything cute, funny, beautiful or awe inspiring basically.

Dislikes: negative people, heavy smokers or drinkers. guns(even though I am an expert with them, I just find them to easy)
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