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Nutcracker is over, and now it's just really depressing. This was a great year, even though I got probably the second-to-worst part ever. They gave me, and all the other seniors, flowers after they gave Sugarplum her bouquet. And after the curtain fell I ended up crying, even though I never thought I would.

And even though I shared a dressing room with a bunch of 13-14 year old hardcore One Direction fans, it was really fun. We decorated it with pink lanterns and strung hearts that light up, and one girl brought in her iHome. They don't shut up when there's a certain combination of girls in the room, but for the most part it was amusing, and it was so great to not be in the pit with all the 6-12 year olds and mothers hovering over you.

I'm super excited for the spring show because it's Sleeping Beauty, and I've always loved the music from it and it's kind of just one of those classics that I could only hope to be in. But it really just makes me so sad that this is my last year here (and here I go wanting to cry again) and that I'll never dance with any of these girls or have this type of opportunity again.
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