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Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
I wonder who actually follows the ESRB ratings.... or ratings on anything, for the matter.

Also, this is kind of a peeve, but I hate it when a bookstore won't let me buy a manga just because it's rated 16+. I mean, I'm 16 now, but it used to be such a pain, because then I'd have to buy it online instead. I know they're just doing their job...but still, it's an inconvenience.
I used to work at a bookstore. Let me tell you this, the person who's going to be in trouble if your parents or an adult find out you where sold an 'adult' manga? ME. Not you. if it's got a 'rating' of any sort that identifies it as being sexual and I sell it to an underage child it's me who's going to get in a lot of trouble because that could be considered selling you pornography.

It might be annoying that you can't buy your favorite manga because of one or two scenes but it's annoying for me because I am being asked to ignore the law and put my job at risk.
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