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Don't get me wrong, my first costume was definitely fail-tastic (it was mainly the fact that every single material I chose was the worst I could have chosen, which I'm pretty sure was just my bad luck/not knowing any better ... since the costume was Super Sailor Moon, there were SEVERAL fail fabric choices made XD) ... but what I found even worse than that, was that I was 14, and had decided the morning of the convention that I would try out makeup. I figured "hey, I've got my mom here, who always wears make up, so I should be alright" ... haha, I was in for a sad surprise. My mother handed me this green lipstick looking thing and said 'put it on the red spots on your face' then handed me foundation and said 'then wait like 5 minutes and put this all over your face'. After I had done all that, we finished my make up with powder, eye liner, mascara, and some lip gloss. The lighting in that particular bathroom was pretty bad, so I thought I looked good, but later on (about half way through the con) someone asked me if I was ok cuz my face looked a little off-colored ... later I looked at a picture my friend took, and realized the concealer had mixed with all of the foundation, and my face was completely light green.

So my first costume ended up being zombie Super Sailor Moon XDD
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