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Originally Posted by UNIT0918 View Post
Welp, there goes my motivation. If I can't find a generation 1 or 2 Wii, then I'm torn whether I should get a GameCube or a Wii. I have Skies of Arcadia for GameCube, and I have Xenoblade and Last Story for Wii. I'm kind of leaning towards a Wii though since there's rumors that Skies of Arcadia will be ported to PSN and XBLA.
I'd invest in a used Gamecube off of Amazon. They're not too expensive, and the Gamecube is all sorts of amazing (it's my favorite console by far). They're durable as all get out, so it'll likely last you a long time (I've had mine for 7 years now with no problems, I've had to get my Wii fixed twice in the past 6).

As for the WiiU.... I'm not impressed. I find the launch titles good at best (maybe one great title), the games are overpriced, the system is overprices..... nope. I'll probably wait about a year or two to jump on the WiiU bandwagon.

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