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Hetalia Cosplayers in England, Kent and London? I'm Lonely over here by myself :< XD

Hey everyone!
I'm looking to start a Hetalia (and other things, but mainly Hetalia) cosplay group... or maybe Join one... because there is literally nobody near me who likes Hetalia~

I used to be in a group, but there wasn't much point keeping it because it just sorta... diedbody was really cosplaying anymore (I had an excuse! I was doing GCSE's! XD). Yeah. xD

And I have all these CMV and picture ideas, but I have nobody to do them with. It's very lonely. XD Anyway, If you live in Kent, around Orpington, Bromley, Sidcup, Chislehurst or anywhere near there, and you want to maybe start a group with me... I will be Happy, and I will make you pasta

Woooow I ramble a lot. I must be desperate O_O. Well... I am. My Lithuania needs a Russia, and my England needs a France! Or America! And my soon-to-be-finished Chibitalia needs a HRE! Well... Yeah. I really do ramble.

I'm gonna shut up now and go eat some scones. (I actually am having them for tea right now XD) Bye!!!
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