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^Agreed. T_T Without the dominator, there is no way for the characters to stand out.

I was thinking about how to make it and I'm thinking of using a toy gun as a base(for the grip and the trigger) and then making the shape of the rest of the gun with green styrofoam and cover it in something (clay maybe?) and carve out the details on that. I think it would work, just need to figure out what to cover the Styrofoam in.

EDIT: I actually thought of a better idea in class today. I have really thick pieces of insulation foam(it has to be at least 1 1/2-2 inches thick). I would use that to make the sqaure part and then cut out a hole in the bottom for the toy gun and carve the designs onto the foam. I'm going to need to do a test to see if the foam can handle carving and if the carved parts will stay after modge podge/paint.
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