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Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
Good point. Oh, I should say I wasn't trying to imply it's the employees fault (sorry if it came off that way). Whenever that issue arose, I'd just put it back (some stores would ask my age while others wouldn't). XD I was more or less just making a remark that although there's good reasons behind it, it's still a nuisance for people, especially when it's all for none when the person goes to buy it online ultimately.
Nah nah it's cool.

Just something to take into consideration as a whole, not specifically for you. The reason people can't just 'look the other way' and sell something to minors is because the minor isn't the one who's going to lose their job and cause the store to be fined :| Let's say I sell you a manga without checking your ID and there's a pretty graphic sex scene in it, your mom finds it and demands to know where you got it. Your mom comes charging down to the store and shows up with the receipt to prove you bought it and that I was the cashier who sold it.

Not only would i lose my job, probably end up with the store getting in trouble, but I could be in a lot of trouble for selling 'pornography' to a child.

Same with cashier that won't sell you cigarettes or beer. It's not them being squaresville mcsqaure, it's them not only risking their job but risking getting in enormous trouble for selling it to minors.

Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
Uh, pretty much all retailers. Apparently it is easier for kids to buy R-rated DVDs at places like Target and Walmart than to buy M-rated games. As a parent, I followed ratings in the sense that if my kids wanted to see a PG-13 movie (or later, an R-rated movie) I always checked it out first to decide if it was o.k. It never really came up with games though because they weren't interested in M-rated stuff.
I think the only thing that I've played that might be considered M-rated would be Halo...somehow I don't think Zelda and Skyrim would be 'Mature'? Well Skyrim would probably be more so because it has those new 'kill cams' and different death 'cut scenes' when battling. Those additions alone would probably bump it up to a Mature rating. Possibly without them it would be PG13?

My mother always based what I watched on how mature of a person she felt I was. If there was a film she thought I'd enjoy watching that might not normally not be shown to children she made her decision on me as an individual. I ended up very much loving Silent of the Lambs at age 9 or so but my teacher did not appreciate my memorization of 'The Raven' as my class project when I was around 7 or 8 :| she told me I wasn't allowed to use Poe in class projects anymore because it was 'sad'. My mom took offense to that.

She had this big ass book that I begged her to buy for me that's called the Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe and she would read some of them to me and a friend when we where younger. I remember my friend was scared of 'The Pit and the Pendulum' but I thought it was a bit boring and liked 'The Tell Tale Heart' a lot more. Maybe it was just how my mom read one story to the next, I should give it a try again. But anyway.

Me enjoying certain things other kids may not have been 'ready' to engage in was just us having different personalities. Some kids may be very frightened by watching Silence of the Lambs or reading Edgar Allen Poe, and that's okay. It just means parents know their children best and know what they're 'ready' to be engaged with. Some kids are ready for PG-13 when they're 8, some are ready when they're 13, and some aren't ready for it until they're 15. I put a lot more faith in the parent to judge what is appropriate for their own child then some scribbling on a DVD case. That doesn't mean maturity ratings are bad or wrong, but I feel like we should give parents the credit to know what they're doing with their own child.

It really bothers me when society babies parents like they don't know what to do with their own children unless everyone writes down a list or something:

-Feed baby
-Clothe baby
-No Grand Theft Auto for baby

Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
That was always how my mom did it when I was younger.

Some people are okay with being carded, some people get cranky.

At Christmas I spend a lot of time explaining ERSB ratings to confused Grandparents.
I am glad I never had to explain to anyone what the ratings where. The worst we ever dealt with at the bookstore was a clashing of people who where asking for a larger LGBTQ book section (they had one shelf, not an ISLE. a shelf) and when we got the extra stock in all these conservative Christian folks where complaining about all the 'gay books' in the store and insinuating we where catering only to homosexual readers now.


Lady you just had like 3 isles to chose your bible from. We had only like, three copies of The Quran and the town had easily as great a number of Muslims as Christians. We didn't even have a single copy of the Torah or any other religious book. Lady had three full isles to walk through and decide from with bibles ranging from 'large text' to 'teen bible study' and 'pocket bible'.That's not including the extra isle and a half for specifically Christian Fiction and Christian Romance novels you had to pick from.

But people where saying we're an indecent bookstore because kids can go buy an LGBTQ book. I guess at some point one person told a manager we should have the books covers turned so kids can't see what they are.

So that's my experience with people complaining about material that can be sold to kids.

I'd also like to note the LGBTQ novels where not 'romance' novels or erotica.
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