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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
Any feedback from this year D-TAC? I guess no news is better then bad news in this case.
Personally; Security again.
no joke. Thought it would be better. Nope security was not as bad as last year but still.
I felt cattle penned. What happened is they put us in the North Building BUT forbid us from LEAVING the north building (even to go to the skywalk!)
So we were still cattle penned and forbidden to leave that building. Yet the other 2 conventions on the south building were walking through the north building all the time.
And weren't told to leave.
The funny thing was me and a 3 friends were talking to two of my friends who were sitting down having coffee at one of those tables on the walk between the north and south building and where we were it wasn't busy but this security guard (seems that it was this security guard that was being a ass to everyone that whole day who was at the DTAC)
Came up to us and told us that THIS particular spot was being used for the OTHER conventions happening in the SOUTH building. And my friends and I were staring at this guy like "uh... this is practically the north building...South is down those escalators down another set of escalators ... why would they be all the way up here?"

And kept telling us to get back to the north building; after we started getting our stuff together the guy started to follow us saying "you better be going to the north building!" After 20 minutes of this guy I turned to him and said "we are going to the Skywalk!"
And he finally left us alone.

It seems there was alot more things that happened with this particular security guard WITHIN the con itself that a few friends told me about.

About kept getting asked to see stamps over and over again while in the con itself, getting harassed when the con was still on, and then around 4:30 (convention still on till 5) the SAME security guard harassed my friends IN THE CON. Saying "you have to leave now" while they were trying to get their stuff together. Seems he hovered around them the whole time threatening them that they would get kicked out if they didn't hurry up. Yet they were leaving anyways and it was only 4:30! when the con didn't end till 5! It was really stupid. And I know its expected; but with the amount of the other convention people (who were at the hunting and motorcycle convention on the south building) coming over to the North Building all the time we got a lot of harassment from them as well...mocking and being made fun of and being told to grow up. Yes we understand that happens but we were put on that side of the convention centre so we wouldn't bug THEIR conventions yet they kept coming to the north building and not being told to go back.

Nothing really big changed and I probably wont be going back to DTAC (it seems its only THIS con that gets like this, MTAC wasn't like this at all!)

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