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Originally Posted by kawaiilove View Post
I love the part "If you want to go to a convention where you sit down for 10 bucks, come to DTAC!"

That pretty much sums it up. xD

Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
I'll watch yours later kawaiilove.

Glad I didn't waste my $39 to get there and the ticket this year.

I don't understand what the MTCC beef is with cosplayers are these past 2 years. We usually don't go out of our way to harass the security or the other events be they like to treat this con as a pariah. I think HobbyStar should move this to the Royal York like they did with Comicon Nov if this pattern repeats like that. I'm sure the Royal York would be happy to have up.

Please again this year send your complaint to Hobbystar about the MTCC and recommendation to move it after 2 years of harassment from the MTCC. (Includeing forwarding any videos as well).
And I think I will.
Or I personally think they should move the con to the Saturday or the week after when there isn't any other conventions happening D=

I feel like the MTCC is just trying to hid all us cosplayers away =_=

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