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@ FinalEva: So excited!!!!

@ Tifaia: It sounds like you are moving along at a good pace at least! I think I will be in the slow and steady mood as soon as the holidays are over. Right now it seems like everything else keeps getting in the way. What swatches are you waiting for? Oh and side note, but I just ordered from again, it seems like they are somewhat getting back to normal.

Ha ha ha! Well even in the Amano drawing Minwu is pretty plain. I still want it to look like I belong with your guys' group though! I am actually very excited to get started. I have to finish some other projects first, but at least I can collect supplies for now. I am excited to see your Leila though!!

@ kaligoddess: Hooray! More FF4 cosplays!!

Cosplay Update: Styled a new Edgar wig this weekend, woo! And I also managed to make a slave crown for my Terra cosplay, double woo! I promise to have pictures soon.

Current Projects:
Maleficent - 80%
Howl - 10%
Hyrule Warriors Zelda - 40%
Rapunzel - Tangled - 60%
Charlotte Elbourne - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - 40%

Planned Projects:
Kain - Final Fantasy IV
Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy VIII
Beatrix - Final Fantasy IX
Sailor Moon / Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon (Someday!!)
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