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What time is it? Adventure time photo shoot!!!

so I'm gonna cosplay Prince Gumball and I wanna have a so...very... large photoshoot! Fiona is gonna help me host it cus she is a tad louder than me <3 Imma bake cupcakes for everyone <3

Shoot time :

Friday , by the fountains @ 1pm

Sat, by the fountains @ 3 pm

folks that may or may not be coming <3

me- prince gumball
khat- Fiona
Anko- ice queen
Ichigotakatsuki- flame princess
Debitto_of_Bond - The Earl of Lemongrab ( THIS <3 <3 <3 )
Ichigogami- princess bubble gum
Ichigogami's hubby- ice king

lots of love <3
It's not rape if you yell surprise first!!!

Katsucon :

Prince Gumball - Adventure time
gakupo- vocaloid the madness of the duke of venomania
ginjinka Jolteon- pokemon
fursuit - not sure which one yet lolz

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