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What I would like is not to have the price increase, I understand that they have to increase it every few years or so but still I only found out this week that they were increasing the weekend passes to 50 dollars, Unfortunately I can't get enough people together for a group so my boyfriend and I are forced to pay the 50 each. If the group size was a bit smaller I could get one together and only pay the 45 each for the entire weekend.

The only reason I can't get a group of 10 or more people is because all of my friends that go always get their group passes with my ex, which is annoying but still. Also buy early especially if you are like me and my boyfriend who can't get the group price because this year it is 60 past the early pre-reg time granted by then all the weekend passes should be sold by then or be almost sold out.

Here's the information concerning the increase and registration stuff for this year. blog&id=43&Itemid=67
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