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. . .getting back to the orginal topic of the thread. . . .
some craft 'how to' pannels would be awesome. like knitting and cross stitching.
cosplay conga lines only around one area that dosent cross the streets.
the dealers room and AA and CC in the North building and other events at the south building as to open up for more attendees.

just a few ideas.
a short side note. I only had the day pass for saturday last year and I had almost no issues with the way the line was run. it was just confusing to how it weaved back and forth then around the out side of the parking lot. . .odd but the code scanning was A Lot faster then them looking up your name in a binder. also Still Majorly AGAINST having to put my real name on my badge. I get the reasons told to me but I still want my real name kept privet. I have met some really iffy people in the past and most people know me by my online name any way.
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