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Anyways so here is my review:

I came with my group of Persona 3 cosplayers with myself as Minato was first off happy that we had the whole floor this year and that it was in the north building. So cattle problem from last year already solved. It was the same place where DTAC 2010 was so that was nice.

The dealers room was rather nice and big this time and again size of DTAC 2010's again. What I was amazed by is dealers had both rare and old stuff which made my poor empty wallet cry lol. Only bad thing was when someone was rushing through the crowd with a carrion and ramped right past me (almost lost my balance I believe) So the cramped small dealers room from last year was solved.

The security... was indeed better. The only thing was their repeated asking for stamps which I understand I guess though a bit excesive. I didn't see or experience any problems to myself or anyone I knew. The funny thing was that my friend did Gangnam style where someone goes under his leg and the security came up wondering what it was till we explained it to him (funny he is sooo out of the loop)

Overall, this was rather well done this time around, I still don't like how they instantly started telling us to get out once it hit 5 :P but overall, Hobbystar seems to be fixing their act since MTAC. Just keep it up you moneyhogs XD
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