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Originally Posted by GizBro View Post
Yeah, that's exactly why I'm determined to get Jacob done now. Haven't seen a really good one yet. I'm not that far away. If I can complete it soon enough maybe I will try to hit Anime North. Some Miranda / Jacob photos would be awesome!
That would be so cool! You're not too far away, though I think you'd have getting across to the South side of Ontario and booking accommodations to worry about. People are booking their hotels pretty quickly from what I understand. If things work out, it would be fantastic! I'm proud of the fact that Anime North is a really welcoming convention and we get attendees from across the border.

While I'm here, does anyone out there have any advice or encouragement for people building N7 armor? My boyfriend is being Shepard, but he's stalling on work because he's nervous about it, and no amount of encouragement or looking at references seems to help him wrap his head around the armor construction. His anxiety is rubbing off on me, even. D:
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