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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
honestly i cant see myself doing a totally obvious crossplay..the only one i am thinking of is Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran HSHC. this verson
and only cuz she looks like a boy..but technically it would still cound since it still IS a female character
Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
I've been talking to a friend, and she thinks once I lose some weight (I look more feminine when I'm thinner..Like to the point where I wore skinny jeans and tight shirts and I was mistaken for a chick a lot....) and we think if I get back down to that, that I could do some lolita style and a few chick characters that I like..

EDIT: So I have already picked out my Lolita outfit when I lose the weight. Also, I want to do Salior V (yes SAILOR V not Venus..) and Mikuru Asahina in the battle waitress outfit thing....And maybe a few others..I wanna do a Rin Kagamine (original) cosplay, and a few others I can't think of off the top of my head..
New list..Well..Sorta..Copying my Tumblr post..

(This is not including my lolita)

-Mikuru Asahina (battle waitress)
-Mikuru Asahina (cosplay cafe maid)
-Mikuru Asahina (school uniform)
-Tsuruya (cosplay cafe maid)
-Tsuruya (school uniform)
-Tsuruya (sexy maid, my design)
-Haruhi Suzumiya (school uniform)
-Tifa Lockhart (FFVII)
-Tifa Lockhart (KH1, my design)
-Kairi (KH2)
-Kairi (KH2 sexy Xmas, my design)
-Sailor V (Codename: Sailor V)
-Sailor Venus (normal scout uniform)

More to come. If you want to know, just wait, I’ll post another list later.

Yep..Not till next year sometime though..Lolita stuff, Mikuru (one of the outfits, Tifa (FFVII) and Kairi (KH2) will hopefully be for Kumoricon (Vancouver Wa.)
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