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House Bunny: 3.5/5

I can say with confidence that House Bunny was a movie that desperately wanted to be both Legally Blonde and American Pie simultaneously. Did it work? Eeehhh, it had it's moments; when it was good it was really enjoyable, and when it was bad it was poor, and strained, and dubiously acted.
Emma Stone and Kat Dennings being in the same Goddamn film are honestly the only reason this is rated anywhere close to a 4. These women complete me and seeing them work together seamlessly was fantastic.

And I really do have a soft spot for Elle Woods-type characters. Particularly ones that physically can't control themselves over their overwhelming need to be exactly like her.

EDIT: There are also a couple scenes that alchemically transcend feminist nightmare-fuel. Lead-to-gold alchemical transcendence. The ending video, for example. Though, comparatively the male characters (with the exception of about one) were treated even worse by making every human with external genitalia a shallow, chauvinistic, nymphomanic, misogynistic nugget of feces.
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