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I've lost count when the last price increase was... Probably the third year after the move to the TCC.... 2006?

With panels and workshops you need someone to run it.

As to the North building I know that the rent for that space is higher then the south (as it's "NEW") so if they do rent it out that will have to expand attendance to cover that cost and increase ticket prices as well.

It would still be great as it would expand the area of the dealers room as well (more dealers can rent space and more foot space for people).

I know that the waiting list for the dealer room is close to if not the same number as the dealer that already have a spot.

I know that IMATS I've been going to the past 3 years had a first come/pay first served policy so you get some nice turn around each year of sellers in the North build each year. Because of the popularity of it they finally moved to MTCC this coming year as they had enough attendances to cover the cost for the move and dealer request for more space.

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