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@Heliacidal: Like usuki54 said, there are no reason for you not cosplaying her because someone else is, it's a compiling list of everyone who wants to cosplay from Final Fantasy (and well preferably go to one of the photoshoots xD), not some list of 'we need that and that character, first come first serve' lol. So feel free to cosplay that amazing character :P

@Merino: Good luck with Garnet ^_^ Such a pretty dress *.*

@usuki54: Daryl? As in the one from FF6? O.O OMG, Can't wait to see that, she's so rarely cosplayed! *.*

...and I'm going to go update the list now lol. No update on my part as I need to finish my Con-G cosplays first x'D
Poll still there btw! It's mostly there to see if we should have a photoshoot each day or not ^^

2013 cosplay:
Ike(SSBB) || Maria(SotN) || Rosa(FF4) || Sesshomaru(IY) || Setzer(FF6)
2014 Convention cosplay:
Caterina(TB) || Elsa(Frozen) || Firion(FF2/DFF) || Gakupo(Voc.Venomania) || Ryuuki(Sai.Mon.) || Viera White Mage (FFTA2)
Future (2015 conventions):
Dragoon-Elezen(FF14) || Eirika(Fire Emblem:Awakening) || Erza(Fairy Tail) || Seymour (FF10)

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