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I always found that the Nominoichi worked well in the hotel over the road. Any idea why they changed that? I know it was out of the way, but at least then only people who actually wanted to go would go and you wouldn't have every person who was in the dealers room rush out to hit the Nominoichi.

Seriously though, I couldn't even get close to the tables to see what was for sale because there were just way too many people crammed into such a small area. I prefer having it at the separate hotel.

As for the dealers room photography thing I still think people should be allowed to take photos in there. I know you block the way and I know that can be annoying, but I've never really had that much of an issue trying to see things in the dealer room and even moving around has never been difficult (then again I survived FanEx 2010 so anything after that is roomy...). Plus I know if I didn't take photos in the dealers room there are some costumes I wouldn't get a photo of and I think that'd suck more than taking a bit of extra time to get to a table to buys some stuff. That's just my opinion.
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