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Originally Posted by Yami Sasha View Post
Okay as much as I hate Hobbystar, I for once I have to say that this is not true as far as i'm aware as everyone I knew left and entered as we pleased. Heck I left for two photoshoots even.

Also I would not call this a cattlepen as we had a whole floor this year AND freedom to move around as everyone I knew did.

I'm not calling you a liar or anything but it might have just been one bad egg amongst security there that might have done that cause all the rest were pretty chill as i'm aware.
I was told on multiple occasions to either move or get back to the north building when heading to the sky walk.
I was followed by this one security guard the whole time until we went through the doors of the sky walk.
It happened again with a few of my friends at the end of the day. And it seems to be only this particular security guard. I am not saying ALL; I am just saying this one guy.

I understand you are not saying I am not a liar but I wasn't aloud the freedom and neither were my friends. We were even yelled at for sitting down on one of the couches on the walk to get back to the north building. Which is why I felt like we were being cattle penned again.
It was constant being yelled at by this one security guard all day which is what got frustrating. Because we were in costume. The others NOT in costume were not told to go back to their sides of the building which got my frustrated.

All and all even with no sleep that day I had fun seeing people I haven't seen since March~

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