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Originally Posted by MissLunatic View Post
it had become so quiet here that. Happy that someone has stopped this silence.
Squalo and Chrome are a really interesting combination xD.
Just curious: What do you mean by Colore back! ?

Somehow ppl come and go here and I still stick to the same char mostly. *shrugs* Finished my Vongola Gear meanwhile and going to work on Gokudera's CAI version (from Melonebase) next.
I still wish to cosplay Lal as well in her Future Arc version , lately got me the goggles finally. But I guess it will be spring till I'm going to cosplay her. (Otherwise too cold anyway.)
Yeah haha it shouldnt be siilllennttttt ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
And yeah kinda strange combo which is now adding Xanxus and Tsuna during the future arch with the jumpsuit and all ehehe
Woo Lal is pretty rad yo, wish you the best on getting all those done and fabulous ~
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