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My first lolita outfit! What do you think?

For many years I've been wanting to get into lolita, but intimidated by other lolis and what defines lolita. What to wear and what not to wear. I did a lot of research over the years and finally went for it. One of my friends I met at my work is into lolita so she sold me a set for dirt cheap, a blouse, skirt, and socks. I'd say it's more kuro but if I added a colorful wig and colorful accessories I could make it egl easy. Just ignore my shoes, I wanted to put some shoes on but I didn't have any lolita friendly shoes. I just ordered a few basic loli items, shoes and a petti. And for a cheap 2 layer petti it gives me huge poof! Any way, I know it's not all that wow, but any advice to make it pop or any thing would be great.

PS, I'm ordering a super adorable red bodyline dress. I just need to buy some shoes and stockings or socks for it. Not finding much of what I want online. I wanted either white stockings with cute patterns or just white knee high socks with lace on the top.

Had more pics but no idea where they went. Sorry for the blurry pics. @.@
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