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Originally Posted by sailormoonfan14 View Post
I think you definitely have a start :> TBH i think your skirt could use more poof, but i'm very much a sweet lolita so that is probably why. I suggest you maybe tuck in your blouse farther, and move the skirt up a bit, because with the blouse puffing out like it seems to it looks a bit frumpy.

I think you could maybe add some more accessories in, some bracelets, rings and a necklace, or a pair of wristcuffs to spice up the outfit. Also, it'd probably help to tailor the sleeves on the blouse a bit to sit higher on the arms, but it's nothing major

Overall you definitely have a good start, i think with a bit of tweaking this could be a good basic Kuro loli outfit :>
I had an issue with the blouse, I didn't tuck it in in the pics but I tucked it in after to see how it would look. Although I have to admit on it's own that skirt had a lot of poof. I did buy a cheap petti, and 2 layers and it gave it huge poof!

I'm not as huge into sweet or kawaii lolita when I first started liking it. I like bright colors, but thing with sweet when I look for sweet items, dresses, skirts whatever, is it'll be a bright color and have annoyingly "loud" prints. So I can never tend to find much that I like. I don't mind more "tame" patterns like polka dots or flowery prints.

I plan to do a little shopping from bodyline so I'll probably check out their jewelry, they do definitely have a lot of selection. Thanks!
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