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Pokémon Adventures

So as many of you know Viz has been doing English versions of the Pokémon Adventures manga (or Pokémon Special in Japan). They have re-released the Red,Blue,Green and Yellow chapters a few years ago and did the Gold, Silver, Crystal Chapter as well. (Not to mention releasing the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum chapters as a new series rather than as vol.30 and onward. They also collected Black and White's chapters.)

So what am I posting about now? Well Viz will be releasing the rest of the series, so from Ruby Sapphire onward to vol 29.(So Emerald chapters)

So I am looking forward to being able to pick these up when they come out. How do I know? Well you can find the release dates on Viz's site. (I found out through Bulbapedia)

Vol 15
Vol 16
Vol 17
Vol 18
Vol 19
Vol 20
Vol 21
Vol 22
Vol 23
Vol 24
Vol 25
Vol 26
Vol 27
Vol 28
Vol 29
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