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For the Pockets you can use the "Patch Pocket" approach where you basically take a square, fold under the edges and topstitch it in place over where they lie on the bust.

But because they have that box pleat, the pocket should look like a rectangle first, then you fold under the lip and the sides, Form the box pleat by using the excess (The extra fabric that makes this piece a rectangle rather than a perfect square) and fold towards the center, then stay stitch the pleats in place and then top stitch it on

for the flap you can take 2 pieces the same shape and sew them together like a pillow leaving a side or a small piece on the top open so that you can turn it out and then iron it and topstitch it all to make it look clean. then topstitch the top of the piece to the bust, above the opening of the pocket

Hope that helps! ^_^
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