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Originally Posted by SuniMoon View Post
I think it's actually important that attendees comment on non-AA things. They seem to think it's just us artists whining... While garagecon was the worst part of this scamfest, there were other issues.

Some were minor, like this dress code, and the anime viewing rooms never playing anime...
Then there was the free stage that Aki Con kept year after year, even though it was complained about year after year...

As for the dress code... That's ridiculous, and another mark on their record.
Especially considering one of their own volunteers cosplays Kamina.

I think these little things are good to keep in mind. It just goes to show that Aki is failing all around, in every department.

Now, the con is much easier on the attendee. I know this very well. I enjoyed Aki Con 2009, it was one of my best con experiences.... meanwhile, the artists and vendors that year were freezing in a garage.

So even a little nitpick from an attendee is good to hear.

Oh, also....

Manga Kissaten is now rated an F at the BBB.
I never saw that coming.
thank you,

it did suck that people or who had shirtless cosplays had to wear a shirt. but at leas kamina has a cape that might have been ok. but for me no such luck, the only save i had was a top that made my cosplay unrecognizable.

i would have gladly volunteered at aki con this year or next if i had a way to get to the meeting area.
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