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Yes I've had the same experience with this diet. Although in much smaller proportions..

But I added an extra something in this diet, this to prevent my body from gaining weight rapidly whenever it happens I would eat something with carbs again. So I decided that once a day in every 3-4 days I would eat a full fledged meal with carbs so my body would still be used to carbs. This was actually a tip from a trainer, who also set up diets for his customers.

One thing is: As a student I'm often rather broke so in that sort of situations I lose track of my diet because bread and pasta is often much cheaper dan fish/vegetables/meat etc.
But I do not switch carbs for "unhealthy high fat" food. Just delicious meat dishes and salads. Which has given me quite some trouble with exercising.. It sometimes happend that I got dizzy during training.
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