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Er mah gosh. I forgot about this thread entirely. I never got to show all of you my finished Eternal Moon cosplay :0

I wore it to my convention happily, a lot of people couldn't stop petting my wings. Lucky me also got to see Ranma there and had a nice long chat!

I'm going to re-wear it next year, need to tweak a few things. I also entered in the masquerade as a performance, my friend who was doing Myu Pluto didn't show up in time so I did the dance to L'amour D'amour Moonlight. I'm not going to link a video, I look frightened on stage and embarrassed :x

So here's a piccie:

It's not perfect, but it was fun wearing it! My friend, Carla was cosplaying as anime Eternal Sailor Moon so we went around the con together, we got loads of photos!


I'm currently working on anime-version Super Sailor Moon. I recently bought a Kaleidoscope which cost me a lot of money :x
I've already got the leotard done, as well as one glove - drafted out the pattern for the skirt. Just waiting for my cotton fabric to arrive <3
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