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Originally Posted by Kokoro View Post

1. There's a noticeable patch of the sign of Virgo on her shirt. I considered using iron on, but the vest I will have won't be cotton or a cotton blend, and as far as I've been told, iron-ons only really work well with the aforementioned fabrics. Are there any recommendations to how I can get that Virgo sign on?
Fabric paint and a template of the virgo sign will be your best friend here, I recommend using a sponge brush for the applying and dabbing instead of stroking on the paint since it wont run as much.
Originally Posted by Kokoro View Post
2. I'm not quite sure whether to use the belt or the sash. I was hoping for a general opinion on which would look better in terms of both male version cosplay, and also accuracy to the original.
Since you are wearing a tux... I think a belt might look nice. Again this is a trial error effect since you are the one wearing it and if you life the sash over the belt of belt over the sash it can be up to you =D

Originally Posted by Kokoro View Post
3. The two green stripes on her skirt I wasn't sure what to do with. I thought to use iron-ons too, but the same problem about fabrics arose. Any ideas with that?
Fabric paint bro is your best friend when working with Homestuck cosplay I find to do those little add ons and such xD

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