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For the past several years I've used the following Rainey compression vest for my crossplays:

And it's always seemed to work quite well, no complaints there.... Since I'm cosplaying "Avengers" Loki next, however (and might need to do duct tape dummy'ing or a plaster cast of my chest for the armour, which would, of course, by necessity have to be done over anything compression'y or flattening like this), I'm minded to wonder if there might be anything better still out there, which will flatten me down even further. In perusing back through this thread, I note that folks have been recommending the following, the one on the left:

But apparently this, the Underworks tri-top, is also recommended?

Which one do you think will help effectively flatten me down even further still? (which would also be good for my Anakin and Lestat, etc., come to think of it) To be sure, the cost of both, even with shipping, I think works out to be even cheaper than just the one Rainey compression vest - go figure!

Also, since I'm a 34C bra size, would that mean I'm a Medium (34-36) in the tri-top, and a small in the Underworks Double Panel compression shirt? Or is it best to go one size smaller? My experience is only with the Rainey thus far, so yeah, any insight from experience is most definitely appreciated - thanks so much!

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