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Originally Posted by Sarah_Schiffer View Post
hello! I am working with the marketing director, Ben Hino, for anime conji. May we please reserve the 1:00 time slot on saturday at the Patio? We would like to reserve it for the Anime-Conji promotional gathering. We may need this slot for an hour (or so, maybe an hour and fifteen.) All cosplays are welcome! It's basically a come and meet the people who will be attending Conji, as well as ALA! Thank you so much!

-Sarah Gieseke

Please call me at 1(858)7054550, or email me at if you have any other questions or comments.
Sarah, if you see this post before checking your email, I have sent you a message regarding possible overlap between the Homestuck gathering and the Conji meet and greet; basically, it's a bad idea.

I'd also like to take the chance to address to gathering organizers in general that the Homestuck gathering is slated to be very large, potentially upwards of 300, and the reason I chose the patio for the location is because it's expected to be a lower-traffic area in terms of cosplayers. I hate to be a space hog, but the fact of the matter is that we really do need the space and time to accommodate that number of people. I will be encouraging Homestuck gathering attendees to clear the area by three so that we will not interfere with the Baccano gathering, but other than that I make no guarantees as to space availability for that area.
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