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The Reaper Review
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Originally Posted by Ineedaname9 View Post
So lucky... I live in Hawaii and will most likely be wearing it in March. In March, we get no winds and humidity from rain. Then the convention center is half outdoors so... I'd probably get a heat stroke in velveteen.

Go for it even if price is high for it. Mine cost a bit more I assure you, shipping to Hawaii is not cheap. Most places don't count us as a state for some reason and charge a ton of money to ship. But Seymour is worth it. ^^ it's a massive undertaking so best to use the material best for you and all that jazz.
I can usually find the fabric I need locally. I can't really imagine ordering fabric. I would be so paranoid that it would end up being the wrong thing. Seymour is totally worth spending a ton of money on...especially considering I have a spending account dedicated to cosplay (plasma donation ftw). In a few years my husband and I will make it out to Hawaii so he might die of heat exhaustion then. :P
In like a bolt from the blue, it's time for the reaper review.
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