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Hello. Don't think I've posted in awhile.
I once inquired about a tennant suit.

Well, I've obtained one. A magnoli, for under half price. And, quite frankly, it's fantastic. Easily the most comfortable suit I've worn.

If you'd like to check it out, try here:
I'll be putting an official page on Coscom soon, too.
Just wanted to thank you all for your assistance with figuring it out.

Also, just a question for ideas.
I'm being paid to impersonate the Doctor at a con for a scifi booth. We'll have a TARDIS, a K-9, and a Dalek. I'm wanting to have some extra little cannon gadgets to have maybe in my pockets or something, just laying out on display or something. Like the Timey Wimey detector, or the little adipose locator thing. Just, being rather untrained in the arts of making things, I'm at a loss to even atempt to start such projects. What ideas might you suggest?
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