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I love this thread, it allows me to be release that bottled up anger

Anyways...was talking with one of my two friends who will be going to a concert with me this Saturday, and said that we should go to Denny's for dinner. He then says "you're just going to make me sit there and watch you eat?" He said it in a way though, that I should buy him food. Normally I wouldn't mind buying friends food, since it's just food and not other things. This friend though has owed me $89 since end of October, and was suppose to pay me back the second week of November. Like hell I would buy him food!

Then there's the whole splitting gas/parking cost for the concert Saturday. He said it should be fine yesterday, but now he's saying he probably won't have the money for that either which is about $15. My friend makes slightly more than me, but budgets so bad. When he does have extra money, he spends it on unnecessary things which really annoys me!

Then there's a convention I went to recently and although he owed me money at the time, he ends up buying the most food out of everyone when we went out to eat. I highly doubt that his paychecks give him exactly enough money for bills and groceries for the 2 weeks. I think he just wants to hold on to any extra money he has for stupid spendings
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