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Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
I had to wear one for four years in high wasn't that awesome. (I also kept wondering why an ENGLISH Catholic school had a SCOTTISH tartan. The dress Gordon to be specific)
Also, it was hilarious when a male and very-Celtic schoolmate of mine wore one instead of dress pants. Everyone thought it was awesome, and HE GOT AWAY WITH IT because it was both uniform AND ethnic dress. XD until bitchy-as-fuck vice principal went on her daily NO INDIVIDUALITY ALLOWED, TAKE EVERYTHING OFF rampage (seriously, she'd yell at you for having a single freaking button undone, or being IN THE MIDDLE OF GOING TO YOUR LOCKER to change your shoes in the middle of winter).
I remember a teacher like that in 7th grade- she was NUTS about the "no hats" rule, one day she bitched me out in the hallway, about 2 minutes after I came in from outdoors, on a cold as balls winter day. Seriously, I wasn't even to my locker yet to take it off and put it there, and she's already bitching. I'm so glad I'm not in school anymore, I hated all those stupid rules.
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