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femme pyro


Hello I an inspiring cosplayer and I am hoping to cosplay the pyro. The version that I would most like to do is the “The_Fanciest_Of_Pants”. Though I have already run into a few problems and I was hoping that the fine cosplayers here could help me with my problems.

1.) I have no idea where to get a patter like this( or one close enough to modify). I have tried most patter stores and even a few adult stores.
2.) What is the best the fabric to chose. My first choice is using vile, however I can foresee this causing problems with heat stroke and other such things. As well as vile being rather pricey.
3.) The mask itself is not hard to find. Although I can't seem to fine the proper attachments that I would need, or know of a way to make them if they do not exist.
4.) On the account of the gloves I have been experimenting with a few different pants, with little success. Acrylic, rubber, and spry paints all crack within hours. I have been considering air brushing, but that can be a bit pricey and seeing how this project is already setting bake quit a bit I would like to know if it is wroth the money. There is also always the option of taking an existing pair of gloves and modifying them.

Hope you can help
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