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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Hmm. Do you use a wig cap? That may help as it doesn't look like you are wearing one..Get a nude colored one. It will make the dark hair color go away and look like skin under that part of the har..Honestly though, Yea I'd say get a new one that's lonfder..while wearing one that's longer, find out how long that area needs to be before cutting it. In face, when I said I had the same problem, THAT was the problem..I didn't see how long it needed to be to cover (my hair is only about 2 inches long now so I no longer have that problem until it finally gets long

EDIT: Btw, the front looks really good though..It's only behind the ears..When you get your pic taken, chances are no one will see that area unless it's almost a profile view.
I wore a black one, I got a crap ton of them with the wigs I bought. Yeah, I got the bangs to a perfect length since he pretty much has none really. I tucked the hair behind his ears and it covers my hair, but it's the back that I have issues with but I barely trimmed any thing off the back.

But thanks. I nit picked at that wig for hours. T.T

I guess other then the fact at a certain angle you can see my hair under the wig...
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